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No Way Out Part II, 02x23

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Guy: You guys are kidney thieves. No, wait a second. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be somewhere with my kidney?
Dr Fong: Where should we be?
Guy: Well, I don’t know. Like the black market or something?
Melinda: [laughs] The black market? Like it’s a store you go to. It’s only open on Sundays. Like a farmer’s market, only darker.
Dr Fong: And that’s why we’re here.  And not down at the black market.
Melinda: No, no, nothing to sell on the little card table stand we have down there.

Kidney Thieves

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Q: What if Paget ran the universe?

Paget: That’s too much of a burden. I wouldn’t rule the universe. I would let humans sort it out for themselves, just the way they’re doing right now. We’re doing right now. I am human. Can you imagine how many questions you’d have to answer in a day, how many e-mails you would get? Horrible. I feel ill…thinking about that question.